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Kyrgyzstan tours, Car rent in Kyrgyzstan. 

Car rent is one of the most popular services used in Kyrgyzstan for travelling and business trips. Our company will be happy to provide you different options of cars for rent for the most reasonable prices. In our fleet there are mainly 4x4 cars for rent, as roads in Kyrgyzstan are mostly mountainous. Even though you look for a small car and do not intend to drive in the mountains, we offer our jeeps so that you can be secure and on the safe side, and for the price of sedans depending on your dates of travel and quantity of days you rent.

Car rental is the best solution for guests who would like to explore Kyrgyzstan in all its colors and see the most off-beaten tracks. We are ready to show you the route and explain you the logistics when you rent a car from us. Most clients request us to build up the program suitable for self-drive. In our cars for rent you can drive around the famous Issyk Kul lake. It is one of the most beautiful lakes not only in Kyrgyzstan but also all over Central Asia. You can also drive your car for rent to the famous Son Kul lake, which is located at the altitude of 3, 000 meters above sea level. Here you can encounter real nomads, rest from hectic civilization and enjoy the nature. If you want more extreme and explore less visited remote areas, then we suggest to drive to Kel Suu lake which is situated in Naryn region. The lake has unbelievable beauty between the rocks and since it is fed by river, it can disappear by season. There are so many places that you can go on your own by our cars for rent.

Besides Kyrgyzstan, you can drive to the neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. If you send us your travelling dates, we will help you to form a perfect itinerary with these countries on a car for rent. In Kazakhstan you can drive to Almaty region with its beautiful lakes and natural parks, in Tajikistan you can explore the famous Pamir Highway by taking a car for rent from us. 

We will be happy to help you with logistics and all the related services for car rent! Rent a car and explore more in Kyrgyzstan and beyond!

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