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Car rent in Kyrgyzstan

With Our Company's affordable cars you will travel with maximum of comfort and pleasure to any remote corner of Central Asia at the most reasonable rates. No matter where you want to start your journey, our team will gladly organize you delivery of cars for rent to your starting point or advice where it is best to rent a car. The cities where you can get cars for rent are Bishkek and Osh in Kyrgyzstan and Almaty in Kazakhstan. Despite this fact you can also plan a trip in all countries of Central Asia including Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Our company offers easy and fast booking process of car rent in any recommended country and can help you to organize your whole travelling if you need. In Turkmenistan we offer you to rent a car with driver for your safety and comfort. In Uzbekistan you can travel more independently just renting a car without drivers. You can continue a trip to Kyrgyzstan by switching your car for rent into a 4x4 car as you will have lots of challenging roads and high mountain passes. The same type of car needed to rent in Tajikistan to be able to travel in Pamir Highway.

In order to pick up the right car for rent during your most exciting adventure in Central Asia our managers will provide you all the necessary information about your itinerary, roads, technical data of cars and useful contacts. Book one of the best options of car rent in our fleet today and enjoy your entire trip full of new emotions and adventures! 


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Car Rent Without a Driver:
Driverless car hire services can be taken in account with wishes of travel destinations of visitants of the country. We have decided to make an offer for the guests of such kind as consider it becomes very popular to wander about Kyrgyzstan and viewing the beauties of it with someone's own eyes. What are the advantages of renting a car, and being the driver in it? Advantages are seen in not being dependent on the driver, as you are the host now, also the paths and routes are made according to your own wishes, and of course various stops can be made at the locations where you need. Prices of the car rent are reasonable; the condition of the cars is on the highest level. Don't worry about the condition, as the cars are checked before every tour. Taking a car for rent the visitants will get engaging emotions for sure. It is available to read about our cars and find the best one: Toyota 4RunnerLexus GX470Lexus LX470Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

rent in Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470     Lexus LX470 Petrol, left steering wheel  20 September - 10 June: 01-07 days – 60 $  08-15 days – 50 $ 16-25 days – 45 $  11 June - 19 September: 01-07 days – 100 $  08-15 days – 90 $ 16-25 days – 80 $

rent in Kyrgyzstan Toyota 4Runner     Toyota 4Runner Petrol, left steering wheel   20 September - 10 June: 01-07 days – 60 $  08-15 days – 50 $ 16-25 days – 45 $  11 June - 19 September: 01-07 days – 100 $  08-15 days – 90 $ 16-25 days – 80 $

rent in Kyrgyzstan Lexus GX470     Lexus GX470 Petrol, left steering wheel  20 September - 10 June: 01-07 days – 60 $  08-15 days – 50 $ 16-25 days – 45 $  11 June - 19 September: 01-07 days – 100 $  08-15 days – 90 $ 16-25 days – 80 $

rent in Kyrgyzstan Toyota Land Cruiser 200      Toyota Land Cruiser 200  Petrol, left steering wheel  20 September - 10 June: 01-07 days – 100 $  08-15 days – 90 $ 16-25 days – 80 $  11 June - 19 September: 01-07 days – 100 $  08-15 days – 100 $ 16-25 days – 90 $ 


Lexus LX470,
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Toyota 4Runner,
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Lexus GX470,
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Toyota Land Cruiser 200,
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If you are interested in different kinds of natural minerals you can read about them below.

The main deposits of antimony are located in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Eastern Siberia. Domestic antimony is the world standard in purity. Antimony is a rare product in the world. It has been in demand since the middle of the last century. The metal was mined by the Kadamdzhay antimony plant, which is located in the Batken region. You can take a car for rent and visit this places.

World mercury reserves amount to more than 280 thousand tons. In Kyrgyzstan, the volume of mercury reserves 40 thousand tons. Kyrgyzstan and China remain the last countries producing industrial mercury, with the Khaidarkan mine in Kyrgyzstan being the only mercury supplier to the global market. If you interested in such thing we offer you to take car for rent in Kyrgyzstan and drive to these places.

Coal for Kyrgyzstan is an invaluable gift of nature and strategic raw materials. In terms of coal reserves, the country occupies one of the leading places in Central Asia. In Kyrgyzstan, about 70 deposits and manifestations of coal are known. Coal deposits in the republic are combined into 4 basins and 3 coal-bearing regions. Take a car for rent in Kyrgyzstan and drive to Kara Keche pass to see it.

The stone industry is provided with reserves of highly decorative granites, colored marbles, and limestone-shell rock. There are more than a dozen deposits of high-quality decorative marble in Kyrgyzstan, which can be developed and sold at a high price. We offer you a car for rent to visit these places in Kyrgyzstan. The most famous of them is the Arym field, which is located in the south of the country, in the Chichkal river valley. In addition to marble, limestone, formalcite, Icelandic spar, marble onyx and other rocks containing calcite, occupy 30% of the territory of our country.

Nowadays only one silver deposit is known in the country - Kumushtak. However, in numerous deposits of gold, polymetals, copper, and other metals, silver is an associated mineral in the form of impurities. You can get car rent to drive around Kyrgyzstan and see many places like these.

Bismuth is the strongest diamagnetic among metals and also it is a rare dispersed element. In Kyrgyzstan, bismuth is found in ores along with polymetals, gold, silver, arsenic, tungsten, tin, cobalt, molybdenum and antimony. Two deposits, Mironovskoye and Uch-Koshkon, have been specially studied and economically evaluated for bismuth. Bismuth and its compounds are used in medicine, technology, cosmetology, electronics and others. 

As you can see Kyrgyzstan has rich natural minerals which can be found everywhere. Getting the service of car rent here you can see all stunning beauty of Kyrgyzstan. 

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